Free Passive Dropshipping Income Guide

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This is probably the best page on our site - right now you can access Geramie's $97 Dropshipping Guide & Overview, The Condensed, Super-Short Automated Dropshipping Funnel Strategy, that will teach you everything you need to know to get your own website and sales funnel up, running and generating traffic which is turned into customers and $$$ for FREE.

Whether you are a beginner or a Dropshipping Mastermind, this Overview and Guide contains everything you need to know: important strategies, information,  tools and reference materials that Geramie has culminated in his 10+ years of eCom business experience which you can implement immediately into your new or already existing business. Previous students that have followed this guide have gotten their own store and sales funnels set up in under 7 days.

To get the guide for free, simply "purchase" this product by adding it to your cart and checking out (there should be no charges). Once we receive your order, we will automatically send you our Guide (which is a PDF) to your email address,

While this guide is Geramie's shorter version of his Master Passive Dropshipping Guide and Mentoring Program, it contains everything you need and Geramie is happy to answer all questions posted to his Dropship Mastermind Group (basically free consulting 😉)

These are the Chapters that are covered in the Guide:

  • Chapter 1: Short Dropshipping Overview of Your DS Kingdom Strategy
  • Chapter 2: Niche Explanation, Selection and Research
  • Chapter 3: DS Kingdom Success Preparation Checklist, Custom Focus and the 2 Golden Rules
  • Chapter 4: Dropshipping with Shopify
  • Chapter 5: Dropshipping with Clickfunnels
  • Chapter 6: Paid Traffic: Facebook, Google, Bing etc)
  • Chapter 7: Free Traffic: Search Engine Optimisation
  • Chapter 8: Department Store Strategy
  • Chapter 9: Other Tools to Manage and Promote Your Dropshipping Kingdom
  • Chapter 10: Final Suggestions and Parting Comments


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Getting this Free Guide is an absolute no brainer and super easy - just add to cart and enter your email address so I can send the guide straight there (P.S. you can enter a fake billing address and don't forget to check your junk mail if it doesn't show up after 10 minutes).