Story of Passive Dropship Income, PDI Marketing and the Founder of it All and PDI Marketing were founded by Australian digital entrepreneur and digital nomad Geramie Bruno
The Premise and Passion behind the Passive Dropship Income Network is the generation of passive income through eCommerce and the Dropshipping fulfilment method which allows a person to work from anywhere in the world, facilitating the lifestyle of a person who enjoys freedom, travelling and experiencing all that this world has to offer (especially once this Coronavirus craziness is all over with).

The Passive Dropship Income Website is a Complete Guide and Compilation of Different How-To's, Strategies and Techniques on the topic of Dropshipping, written chiefly by Geramie Bruno, but also by other experienced people in the industry via guest posts, webinars and training series.

This website is the culmination of Geramie's 9+ years of eCommerce experience and a number of other helpful resources and tools from all over the web that he hopes people can use to educate and build their own eCommerce websites and Sales Funnels.

To completely make your dropshipping operation passive requires you to completely outsource every facet of the business (contact us for this service), however we have strived to collate all the tools and software that can perform the many necessary tasks for you, meaning you simply need to "project manage" over these tools and service providers.

The Ultimate Aim of the Passive Dropship Income website is to facilitate easy learning of the basic and advanced topics of Dropshipping and eCommerce, thus allowing Individuals to become Self-Independent Financially and Achieve their Dreams, especially if they involve travel (Geramie love's travel as you will soon see!)

If you are seeking a way to generate a passive income online, then Dropshipping is a perfect solution that has seen success for many other people - wants to reveal this to you in a fresh and informative way.

PDI Marketing

PDI Marketing is Geramie's Boutique Full Service Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in providing Bespoke, High-Conversion Tailored Websites & Digital Marketing Services to both clients who Dropship and those who are in a multitude of other industries.

Our "entirely-digital" approach allows us to retain clients all over the world and perform digital services for them; we can (and prefer) to conduct all contact online via Email, Messaging Apps and scheduled Tele/Video Conferences.

Fortunately the general nature of Web Design and Digital Marketing also aligns with Dropshippings ability to be essentially "entirely digital", which drastically reduces our overhead costs and allows us to provide our customers with services for the most competitive prices.

PDI Marketing provides both individual Digital Marketing Services, such as Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimisation, and Full Service Digital Management Plans which include complete, hands-off creation of your website and entire marketing strategy.

While it is possible to do everything yourself, many entrepreneurs struggle with the seemingly never ending digital marketing task list and end up fizzling out or not succeeding simply because they are not "good" at one aspect of their operation, letting the entire business down.

By outsourcing one or more parts of your business to a PDI Marketing expert, you are not just giving yourself more time to spend learning and working on tasks that you are already good at, you are also increasing your success rate simply by utilising our expertise.

So whether you require a specific facet of your Digital Marketing Strategy to be expedited to an expert, or require a passive and fully outsourced solution that can get your Dropshipping operation up, running and then booming, PDI Marketing is the Digital Marketing Agency for you.

In addition to traditional Dropshipping and eCommerce, to demonstrate the wide range of industries that Geramie and PDI Marketing have worked and excelled with, these are some of our previous clients for which we have provided various Digital Marketing and Web Design services:

  • Luxury Ski Vacation Rental Company
  • Ski Resort Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub
  • Craft Brewery
  • Escape Rooms
  • High End Athleisure-Wear Brand

Each PDI Marketing client project is spearheaded by Geramie and work is either performed directly by him or one of his skilled and creative freelance associates who are also digital nomads. 

Contact us for more information or quoting on your specific project ideas, or if you know what you want than simply purchase one of our services from our site and Geramie will be in touch to begin our long and fruitful digital marketing relationship.

Geramie Bruno

Geramie Bruno is a passionate Australian Entrepreneur, Law Graduate, Wannabe Wildlife Rehabilitator and Travel Lover who is still on his round the world trip which started in September 2017.

Geramie began his journey into eCommerce initially to fund a "Gap Year" of travel to Europe and Asia between High School and undertaking a Law Degree at University in Brisbane, Queensland.

This journey started with the purchase of over 100 Luxurious Dog and Cat Beds from a liquidated pet store at a physical auction in Tamworth, New South Wales, that were sold for a massive profit on eBay and resulted in an amazing time spent backpacking in Europe and Asia in 2012.

This success and reward proved to Geramie that it was possible to make money using the Internet, however the issue in having to physically be present to run the fulfilment side of the venture presented an issue that had to be solved...

As a natural born problem solver and critical thinker (cue a reason for the law degree), Geramie's solution was the idea of shipping directly from manufacturer/warehouse to customer, cutting out the middleman product handling. This turned out to be very similar, if not the same, as the concept of "Dropshipping" (which you can view a truncated history of here).

After figuring out this incredible technique that allowed for an essentially passive business model and travel-filled lifestyle, Geramie was hooked on the concept and has since devoted 1,000's of hours learning and working on his own eCommerce businesses and those of his clients.

Since falling in love with seeing and experiencing the world, Geramie has travelled to every continent (except South America and Antarctica so far, you can explore his adventures through his spontaneous updates on Instagram @Travel.vicariously) but he has a particular love for South Africa and a wildlife rehabilitation centre called Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Since initially volunteering at the centre in 2018, Geramie and his fiance have since returned and performed various managerial roles, all while aiming to rescue, rehabilitate and release primates and other orphaned or injured wildlife back into the wild. If you would like more info on how to volunteer at a wildlife centre that is truly not for profit and make a difference for animals, contact Geramie and he will gladly help.

As a motivated individual that strives to assist entities of all types (no matter if they are animal or human) Geramie has created and PDI Marketing in hopes that he can assist you too in all of your Business, Dropshipping and Digital Marketing efforts - simply enter your email and a description about your personal situation below so that Geramie can get in contact and send you a Free guide that will get your Dropshipping Site up and running!