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PassiveDropshipIncome.com.au is proud to announce our Full Service Done-For-You Web Design, Digital Marketing & Consulting Services Division, PDI Marketing.

Please read on for a detailed overview of our Company and why you should choose us to Develop your next Website, Marketing Strategy or General "Digital Project."

Your Decision To Work With PDI Will Make A Difference Not Only In Your Own Business, But Also In The Lives Of Orphaned Wildlife In South Africa: 50% of PDI Marketings Client Revenue for the rest of 2020 will be donated to Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Continue reading below for more information on PDI Marketing and this Incredible Cause that We (and our Clients) are supporting during these terrible times of Covid-19.

Why We Do What We Do 

Geramie and the PDI Marketing Team Exist to Share Our Digital Marketing and Automation Expertise & Knowledge with other Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and people with large Social Media followings in the most Purposeful, Meaningful and Monetising ways possible.

Our Positivity, Passion, Values and Life Drive embody the work and general interactions that we have with our Clients, Friends and Family, as well as everyone else that we come into contact with, on this Journey that we are all on called Life.

Leading up to this point in Life, Humans have achieved so many Positive and Great Accomplishments, but it seems that issues caused through Negative Mindsets and other problems of recent times have been occurring more and more often than the Positive ones.

Society and 2020 in general have already had many issues, but particularly those stemming from Covid-19 and its deadly effects for people and businesses restricted by regulated isolation and social distancing. This virus has killed thousands and has pushed many small (and large) businesses to breaking point and collapse.

It is important to see that there can be Positives to these Negatives however, and one is that eCommerce and Online Shopping has exploded during these times of global lockdown so businesses in these industries have generally seen a big uptick in sales.

Geramie & PDI Marketing believe that embodying this Positive Mindset into our Actions and Interactions are a Key to moving forward in the most efficient, purposeful and meaningful ways; if more people and businesses took on this view and portrayed it in their actions than we believe that we may see a tipping point towards having more Positive Accomplishments than negative Detriments.. what a wonderful Life that would be!

It is also clear that as we progress as a society, almost everything is going Digital.

Our Digital Marketing & Web Design Services capitalise on this trend and allow you to enter this ever increasing market with the best possible foot in the door.

How We Do What We Do 

As with Life generally, there are certain things that restrict your personal and business efforts. We realised this quite some time ago and if you have not yet, you need to do so right now.

Money is a major restraint for the majority of people.

Lack of Financial resources restricts most people initially who don’t have access to the Credit or Funds to start a venture, and up until the point that it can begin sustaining itself financially.

eCommerce (and Dropshipping in particular) eliminate many of the costs and risks of Brick and Mortar businesses, or businesses that wholesale-purchase and resell through online marketplaces/local vendors. This was the big draw of eCommerce and Dropshipping for Geramie when he began selling things online in 2011. Read even more about Geramie & PDI Marketing's Story here

Automation via Software can also reduce constraints caused by Money.

Time is the second largest constraint that is suffered by every human and company.

We have also thought extensively about this constraint and have established that there are many ways to alleviate these Time restraints which allow you and your team to perform work more efficiently.

We want to help our Clients and other Entrepreneurs with the solutions that we have found, and the restrictions caused by Money and Time are part of the reasons behind why we started PDI Marketing and also share our helpful educational content on www.PassiveDropshipIncome.com.au, our Public Informational Section of this website.

Geramie and the PDI Marketing team work with our Clients to implement our Marketing Knowledge and Experience into their operation, and apply our expansive knowledge of Automation and Outsourcing solutions to take the workload off your shoulders and to help make you the best possible Website and Turnkey Passive, online Business that you can operate from wherever in the world that you have access to the Internet.

PDI Marketing specifically helps our Clients by directly sharing and implementing our:

  • Lead and Sales Conversion-optimised Website Design Services;
  • Free and Paid Marketing and Branding Strategies;
  • Website Brokerage Services for those looking to buy or sell their already successful eCommerce or other Digital Venture;
  • Automation of Tasks via Software and Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services;
  • Connections with Local and International suppliers of Private Labelled Products and Manufacturers that are capable of creating Custom Products designed to your Exact specifications; and
  • Years of Experience in Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Conversion Rate Optimisation into your existing operation at any point in your digital cycle – from businesses that are offline only and have no website, to those websites doing 5 to 6 figures in revenue or more per month and wanting to increase their sales and profits.

However we don’t just stop at creating Eye Catching Bespoke Websites or Effective Marketing Strategies, we continue to support our Clients and advise them on everything they need to know about how to run their websites and businesses after we complete our services.

If you have ever been a Client of Geramie or PDI Marketing generally, then you will know that you will receive the best and most friendly support for any questions you have related to Digital Marketing and our Full Range Services.

We also know that many people want to do some things on their own and we support that.

Please know that as part of our Service when we:

  • Consult on a topic for you;
  • Build you a New Website, Brand or Marketing Strategy; or
  • Do anything else at all for you,

we will also provide you with post-purchase individualised support, information and proven strategies that you can implement in your marketing strategy and to begin generating sales, leads, or whatever your goal is.

Following this, we will be just an email or call away with any more help or support that you may need (you can also just post the question in our Facebook Dropshipping Group that has just over 6,000 other members, Dropshipping Mastermind, and generally get an answer in minutes from our large community of other Digital Entrepreneurs).

If you are a client of ours then we will not stop until you are happy and satisfied; that is how we help people and businesses most.


Through sharing our Knowledge and Services with our Clients in the Most Ultimate, Purposeful & Meaningful way, these Positive Interactions are the Key in how the PDI Informational and Service based divisions continue to grow. 

We propound our Great Work for our Clients even Further by Promoting, Supporting, Donating and Volunteering our Time and Services to worthwhile Charities and Causes.

Geramie has strong ties to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa called Riverside Wildlife and Rehabilitation Centre (amongst other worthwhile initiatives and charities).

He found Riverside (with his fiancé Vanessa) during one of his extended round the world work/holidays in 2018, while trying to find an ethical centre to volunteer at and work with animals.

We both wanted to find a Wildlife Centre that was a true Not-For-Profit which focused on the Care of the Animals, as well as their rehabilitation and eventual release, and not in just making a profit through exorbitant and, arguably fraudulent “volunteer fees”. Riverside was, and is, the place we dreamed of.

After initially staying at Riverside for 3 months in 2018 and then returning in 2019 for another 3 month “break" from real life (and also when I surprised Vanessa with a ring), we wanted to return once again in 2020 after our Canadian Working Holiday visas expired, but due to Covid we have been stuck/chosen to remain in our chalet at Big White Ski Resort in Beautiful British Columbia, BC and work on our Digital Empire (as of now the situation in South Africa is one of the worst in the world, and we can not/do not want to travel to or add to the potential issue).

During our time at Riverside we try to give as much as possible to the Centre and it’s unfortunate animals. In doing so we have assumed volunteer roles of Team Leaders and Managers, garnering control and care of hundreds of animals and teams of volunteers.

Why do we, and so many other people, do this work, all for no monetary reward and minimal other tangible returns? (hint: I'm not religious)

Because when you are involved in the release of an animal or something that you directly cared for, bottle fed, and rehabilitated, the feeling is indescribably good.

I didn’t realise this until I started volunteering and giving my time to help others.

I dare you to try it, Riverside always needs more volunteers and will so especially when travel is allowed again, and I know you will love and treasure the experience and feeling it gives you too 😉

Not being at Riverside due to these reasons that are out of my control is killing me (metaphorically, of course), and after a lot of consideration on how I can help Riverside and its worthwhile cause while on the other side of the world and with my range of skills and expertise, I have decided to donate 50% of all sales for Services through PDI Marketing for 2020 (and beyond, terms to be decided) directly to Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for the day to day running, care and food costs for the animals.

As once being involved in the accounting and cash system of the centre, I know how much it takes to run the centre on a day to day basis (animals can’t stop eating and local staff can’t stop getting paid, ya know). To be honest, it's not that much in comparison to what it would cost to run the same size centre in a First World Country...

It is a lot of Money however for a centre that is run solely on Volunteer donations fees derived through 2 to 12 Week Volunteer Stays (which is currently getting 0 volunteers and no Government Support due to Covid-19 lockdowns), it is really now really struggling to support itself and the many animals that it homes.

Amazingly still during this time of Global Lockdown, Bob and Lynne (owners) and their Riverside management team have been able to successfully release a troop of rehabilitated baboons back into the wild, while still running the centre for the remaining animals in different stages of rehab - no short feat at all. You can watch a video I made about constructing the World's Largest Rehabilitated Baboon release enclosure on Youtube here:


As being part of previous Releases and the General Day to Day running of the centre with a team of over 50 volunteers, I understand  how hard what Riverside is doing right now would be to do, but when combined with NO volunteers and massively less income from volunteers fees, the situation there becomes even more difficult.

That is why I have decided to donate 50% of my sales to the Centre – I know that even if I land just 10 clients for the rest of the year, the average value from this will be enough to cover the cost of the 10’s, if not 100’s, of volunteers that can no longer help out at Riverside due to Covid-19 travel restriction and our operational costs.

This Promotion will help to somewhat replace the lost income that Riverside uses directly for the food and care of these extremely ill-fated animals, and assists us in living out the core values and principles of our Positive Mindset described above.

If you own or represent another charity or worthwhile cause and needs Web Design or Digital Marketing services, get in contact with PDI Marketing to find out about how you can access our complimentary services and also to find out how you can access up to $10,000 per month in Free Google Ads for being a Registered Not For Profit Charity.

What We Do Specifically 

PDI Marketing knows that every Digital Marketing Strategy and Website must be tailored to the specific niche for optimal results and sales – as such, it is impractical to convey all of our services and strategies comprehensively and how they will work for you here on this page.

Please Contact Us and explain the:

  • Details of your specific Situation; and

  • The Solution/Goal that you want or require

in whatever way is easiest for you  (Email, Skype, Drawn Sketches, Video Message on Facebook Messenger – literally whatever way is easiest for you to express your ideas to us and is via an official support channel that we maintain) and we will get back in touch within 24 hours.

The Sky is the Limit when it comes to creating your ideas, and we can provide realistic expectations and estimates based on your situation (financial and existing resources) using our experience and knowledge of Web Design, Digital Marketing, Automation, Product Sourcing and more.

To help you understand what we do specifically, here is a little overview:

We are a Full Service Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency that provides our Clients with the Highest Quality and completely Hands-off Developer, Marketing and Consulting service for all of your Digital Needs and Business Projects.

We specifically Focus On and have vast Knowledge in eCommerce and Dropshipping Website Design (aka websites and sales funnels with a cart/checkout feature), as well as the varying ways that your business can undertake to Generate Traffic, Leads and Sell your Products or Services Online.

Basically we provide everything you could possibly need, including:

  • Researching and Identifying Trending & Successful Niches to create or break into;
  • Finding Amazing Suppliers with economy and express Shipping Options;
  • Finding Agent/Fulfilment Warehouses to send from when you scale your Dropship Kingdom;
  • Developing & Automating your Website & entire Online Presence to the greatest degree;
  • Testing everything and Going Live;
  • Researching, Developing and Running in depth Marketing Strategies and Campaigns (PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media, Influencer Marketing etc) on the right networks to maximise your ROI and sales; and
  • Setting up systems to foster long term customer relationships and ensure that your first time customers become repeat buyers plus much more.

Second to this, we LOVE saving time through Digital Automation and figuring out how we can Automate the tasks and processes related to running your business that are “non-essential”, consequently making it as “passive” as possible. This extends to providing Virtual Assistant Information and Services for things that need person to person support, like responding to customer emails or support tickets.

Third, we have a Passion for helping Entrepreneurs in creating their Unique Product Ideas and also Private Labelling Existing Products and Merchandise with their own Brand.

Lastly, we offer Consultation Services for any other Digital Project or need that you may have.


Want to develop a new Mobile App or the next piece of life changing Software? Get in touch with our team for an estimate and idea on how you can create it. 


Let our vast knowledge of everything “Digital” either directly help you with our services, or at least point you in the right direction so you have more of an understanding about the potential things you are getting into with your project.

If you are confused about our services but you know that you need a Website built (or updated), or that you want to increase your sales and income through your online marketing channels, please Contact Us for a Free, No Obligation Chat about our services and other solutions available to you in your particular situation.

If you do know exactly what you need and want our experts to implement it, simply click through our services available on this site, and purchase whatever Fixed Price plan that you need. We will be in touch from there.

Geramie and the whole PDI Marketing team thank all our Clients for their support and know that our positive attitudes, as well as our purposeful and meaningful work & expertise, will assist you in increasing your online marketing channels and general business success, we can’t wait to help you!

We especially want to thank our Clients for the work you give us, and the donation of 50% that you will effectively be giving to Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for the care of their Sick, Injured and Orphaned Animals from our Fees.

You can View and Purchase our Collection of Digital Marketing Services Here and Website Design Services Here.