Private-Labelled & Custom Product Creation

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During Geramie's varied and expansive eCommerce history, he has specialised in creating Private Labelled (product with your logo/branding) and Custom Made, High Quality Products in many different niches for his own uses, ventures and at the request of his clients.

As a result of his experience, Geramie now has a strong passion and joy for developing products from scratch, both for himself and for clients.

Geramie's process of creating a private labelled or custom made item generally involves designing a new product from scratch by drawing up schematics and design documents, then locating suppliers who are able to create the items and sampling each companies designs to determine which has the best quality and price considerations.

Following the selection of a suitable supplier, necessary product refinements are  completed and once the product is ready for sale, the ordering and warehouse management of items in preparation for fulfilment begins.

Products that Geramie has sourced and private labelled include Snowboards, Dual Snowboards and other Ski Gear, Tailored Leather Motorcycle Jackets, Pants, 1 Piece Suits, Gloves and Boots made to Australian and International Government Safety Standards, Hoverboards and Taboggan Sled Suits. Should you want to know anymore about that Geramie has done, ensure you subscribe to his email list by entering it at the bottom of our site.

Custom Powder Snowboard and Dual Boards

Photo of Geramie and Business Partner Tim after making a promo video and testing out the strength of our Leather Motorcycle Gear over Textile Gear:
Custom Gold Hoverboard made under the brand iScooter Australia:


If there is a product that you have always thought should be made, but you have no idea on how to get it off the ground or find a company to make it, contact us and I will be able to get your idea up and running, from initial conceptualisations, to locating a reputable supplier, to creating the end fulfilment network and delivery as required.

Please note that once you have purchased this Custom Product creation service valued at $597, Geramie will be in contact with you to confirm further details and pricing of samples and the work involved (our price only includes our consulting fees, not product sample fees).

Should you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will gladly help you with your Custom-Product related questions.