Website Conversion Optimisation Review, Actionable List & Video Call Explanation

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Is your eCommerce Website or other Digital Marketing Venture Failing or Not Succeeding for a reason that you cannot quite figure out? 

Or are you simply about to Launch your new Website and want an Expert to check and make Sure you have everything set up and looking correctly, to Maximise your Conversion Performance and Sales?

Whatever situation you are in that leads you to this page, you need to look no further - PDI Marketing presents an offer that presents Phenomenal Value & Opportunity to your Business; this Service should be considered by anyone working in eCommerce.

Our Website Conversion Optimisation Review, Actionable List & Video Call Explanation is everything you need to Find & Fix the Holes in your Website and Marketing Strategy which is causing you to Lose Sales and Money Unnecessarily.

When you purchase our Website Optimisation Review Service from PDI Marketing, you will receive:

  1. PDF Review Document:
    1. Outlining all of the Issues our eCommerce Expert, Geramie, identifies on your submitted Website or Digital Marketing Strategy;
    2. An Actionable List & Corresponding Explanations on the way to Fix these Issues; and
    3. A further list of our Own, Researched Suggestions that could be made to your Website and Digital Marketing Strategy to Improve & Optimise your Revenue Driving Assets so that they produce higher AOVs (Average Order Values).
  2. Two Video Calls from Geramie where he will First Understand your Situation and Problems, and then Secondly explain all of the things he identified that were Wrong and How to Fix them (basically what is contained in the PDF Document, but just conveyed verbally via our Friendly expert with immediate responses to your questions!)

Geramie aims to have a 24 to 72 hour turnaround on these Optimisation Reviews and Calls, ensuring that if you have an issue, we can Identify and get it Fixed Fast.

The Issues we Identify and Conversion Optimisation Solutions we Advise You Implement will easily make you more back than our $47 price tag for this service in additional sales... 

This Offer really is a No-Brainer and is a Super Affordable way for PDI Marketing to most Effectively Help Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Looking to Increase their Sales & Reduce Wasted Ad Spend.

You can Trust Geramie & PDI Marketing to Identify the Issues in your Website & Marketing Strategy that are making your leads turn away and preventing them from becoming customers today.

We are so sure that we can help you find Issues and further Actionable optimisations on your site, that if we cannot do so we will refund you 200% of the purchase price, $94.