1 Month Pay Per Click (PPC) Management (Multiple Platforms)

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing can be easily described like a Water Tap - Turn the Tap on (Turn your Ads on) and the Water will Flow (Traffic will Flow) to your Sink (Site). 

Now the actual Implementation and Successfulness of a PPC Plan and campaign are much more difficult and involve many more factors than this explanation - this is where my and my teams expertise comes in.

Important PPC Success Steps and How We Will Help

The PDI Marketing team have undertaken training and research, as well as run many successful PPC campaigns. In doing so we have isolated a number of steps that must be undertaken for a PPC Strategy and Plan to have a positive Return On Your Investment (your ad spend).

When you engage our PPC Management Services, we ensure that the below Steps are implemented (as well as many more) to maximise the success of your PPC ads. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you if we have not answered your questions here already.

Our PPC Management services extend to many Advertising Platforms, including but not limited to Google Ads and associated Google Ad Networks, Bing, Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn. 

Installation of Tracking Code For Every Advertising Platform Used

To ensure the most effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and ad spend, certain marketing pixels and cookies must first be installed on your site.

This allows the algorithms behind these advertising platforms to "learn" from your traffic and customer data, allowing them to become "smart" and target the ads so they are placed in front of the people most statistically likely to purchase your product or service.

This is a never ending* process and your pixel will continue to be optimised with the more you spend and the more that you are successful (*see our last bolded step Playing by the terms and Conditions below)

This connection can be technically complex and time consuming depending on your website backend setup and if a custom Data Layer has to be implemented, but Google Tag Manager these days can typically assist with easier implementation of most Advertising Platforms.

Rest assured that myself and my team will be able to install this code and that this will be a priority prior to establishing any ads (please note that complicated setups involving excessive time may incur additional charges). At the same time we will ensure that other important analytical tracking setups (such as Google Analytics) are installed.

Keyword, Customer and Competitor Research 

Research into what is working successfully for your competitors in terms of the keywords, customer targeting and placement of their paid ads will greatly assist in understanding what is working for your specific niche and reducing money spent on testing your market.

Performing this research allows you to quickly emulate success and improve on any shortcomings and my team will go to all lengths to understand your industry and how to maximise your ad spend and ROI.

Retargeting and Remarketing

Retargeting and remarketing to people who have viewed your items and performed certain actions (like adding a product to cart) is an extremely effective way of bridging the touchpoints required to turn a prospective lead into a purchaser. 

You have seen it many times before - you browse a site and then their products start showing up all over your Social Media feeds and the ad space of websites you visit - this is Retargeting and is a part of every PPC Plan that we put together and implement for our clients.

Attractive Ad Copy, Photos and Videos

The actual content of your Ad is more important than ever these days - the internet has been saturated with content and your ads must truly stand out to create the pattern interrupt which makes someone want to click your ad and view your business.

In addition to the actual content of your ad, certain types of content (e.g. text only, photo, video ads) are best for certain advertising platforms and will produce a better ROI than other mediums, however this is always changing and it is important to keep updated with the network and its characteristics. 

We keep up to date with all of our advertising networks to ensure that the most beneficial ad types are used. When combined with our team members creative prowess and ability to create thought-provoking and click-inducing content using our high quality photography and recording gear, as well as photo and video editing software, our PPC Management service ensures that your ads are as attractive and engaging as possible.

Landing Pages 

Once someone clicks your PPC ad they are redirected to the link and landing page that you have created - this web page should be highly related to and optimised for the offer and ad that sent the person there. It also needs to appeal to the target audience and not turn them off with any ugly or annoying display issues.

In doing so this ensures relevance and continuity of your marketing message, increasing the conversion rate of your PPC efforts while reducing the cost of the ad for many networks (your Google Ads Quality Score is an example of this).

We design our landing pages and PPC campaigns together to ensure that they flow and provide the best customer experience, maximising the chance of your ads converting.

Playing by the Terms and Conditions 

Imagine you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads, making lots of sales and teaching your algorithm what sort of traffic to display your ads to, giving you a positive ROI and great return on your investment, then you wake up to an email notifying you that your account and tracking code has been permanently disabled due to violation of the advertising networks Terms and Conditions?

Unfortunately this happens due to advertising beyond the allowed Terms and is a massive waste of resources which can totally upset the success of a business overnight. 

The PDI Marketing team ensure that we play by the rules and strictly follow the rules of your PPC platform, meaning that you do not have to worry about your account being banned and losing your massive investment.

Even if your niche is within a service category that is typically restricted (e.g. CBD or Adult products and services), we can assist and recommend alternate PPC networks that will support your goals, or provide Ad Copy, Photos and Videos that tightly follow the allowed advertising guidelines for restricted products on networks where this is allowed.


PDI Marketing Specific PPC Management Info

Please note the following about engaging our PPC Management Services.  

We recognise each advertising platform (e.g. Google Ads and Facebook Ads) individually and our management services are priced in respect of this.

We offer a bundled discount for when you wish to use multiple advertising platforms. This discount can only be claimed when the advertising platform campaigns and our services occur in the same month. This will 

Our rate for PPC Management is made up of a flat fee and percentage of ad spend equal to 25%. The flat fee is paid prior to our services being rendered and the percentage of ad spend is paid at the end of the month, after we have delivered our monthly report to you indicating the precise ad spend. 

We generally recommend a minimum adspend of $10 to $30 per day for most niches, however we will work with you and your budget to ensure maximum success.

Generally, each of our monthly contracts for PPC management on an advertising platform will include the creation of up to 3 separate campaigns and creation of 1 landing page for each campaign (depending on the difficulty to edit and create new pages on your website).


Contact us for any other specific questions or queries about our PPC Marketing Services and how we can generate an impressive ROI for your ad spend.