1-on-1 Dropshipping/eCommerce Consulting/Coaching

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Are you looking for an Experienced Mentor to Guide you through the entire process of starting and automating your own Dropshipping or General eCommerce Business from the beginnings in Niche Research and Validation, to Store Development and Optimisation, to Driving Traffic and Processing Leads through your Sales Funnel, to scaling your sales from a few per month to thousands, and finally to selling your successful websites and business on sites like Flippa.com?

Look no further!

PassiveDropshipIncome.com.au is proud to announce that you can now partner with Geramie and be Coached to Success on Dropshipping during either our Individualised, Express 4 Week 1-on-1 Dropshipping Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring, or our 8 Week, 1-on-1 Dropshipping Mentoring and Consulting Program.

No matter where you are in the World or where you're at in your eCommerce journey (just starting out or already making $1k+ per week), Geramie will "Hold your hand" by:

  1. Giving you the Strategy on Dropshipping that he has been using for almost 7+ years now;
  2. Answering all your questions with thoughtful, relevant and knowledgeable advice that aims to increase your conversion rates, sales and customer retention; and
  3. Anything else you may need or want to know about eCommerce (as well as jump in and do the work for you, where possible!)

While Geramie cannot guarantee your Success through taking either his 4 or 8 week Dropshipping Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring program (as you will be creating a business which involves work on your own part, and creating a business can be inherently risky, luckily though when Dropshipping the financial risk is lowered due to its inherently low startup costs), but if you implement the Dropshipping Strategies and Conversion Optimisation Suggestions Geramie makes about your eCom venture, you will have a Solid, Timely & best of all, Friendly, base of knowledge to learn from and work with when either:

  1. Just starting out getting your first sale; to
  2. Scaling your traffic/customer generation methods so you are making $10,000 per month in sales and beyond. 

You will Learn and Receive all the Answers you need eCommerce/Digital Marketing wise for your own website and business, in both 4 week and 8 week courses.

The only Difference is the Length of Delivery and the amount I need to cover with you.

If you think you have a good background and understanding of eCommerce, then 4 weeks should be enough. If you need all the basic concepts explained, then Geramie can do work with you to ensure you have a thorough understanding and working store over the 8 weeks. Whatever time option you choose, Geramie will strive to help, teach and answer all of your questions with the best possible answers (he will assess and make a 4/8 week plan depending on your unique situation). It's better not to rush, but if think you need some more "time" to learn, then we would recommend the 8 week program.

In both 4 and 8 week options, Geramie will answer all your questions within 24 hours (but many times it will be within a few minutes, because if you are a client of Geramie you get Top Tier Service).

Please note that at the current time this is an All Digital Engagement where I will call you twice per week via Phone/Skype/Whatsapp, and answer your other eCommerce questions via Email/Social Media.

Whatever your time zone/schedule is, I will work around it to ensure we get our calls in every week. I have worked with people in both All Digital, All In Person and a Hybrid version of both, but due to Covid-19, Geramie can only currently offer help over Video Call and by response to emails.

We cannot wait to provide our Expert In Person Coaching services again. We will gladly let you know when these services are available if you contact us and let us know of your interest.  

PLEASE NOTE: Geramie is an eCommerce Expert that has been selling things online for nearly 10 years now; he wants to help his Paid Clients in only the Best ways possible, through sharing his valuable Knowledge, Experience and Strategic insight into eCommerce via 1 on 1 Coaching and Structured Training.

As one person, Geramie's time is limited. To provide the Best level of Service to his Clients, Geramie has limited the availability of his 1 on 1 Dropshipping Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring to ensure that he can respond and work with each in a fair way.

Geramie is currently taking the following numbers of Clients (with flexible starting dates) for the rest Q4 2020, September to December:

4 Week Course: 2 Client Spots Left

8 Week Course: 0 Client Spots Left

To Enrol & Start a Consultation or Coaching engagement with Geramie, simply choose & purchase your 4 or 8 Week Program and Geramie will be in touch with follow up questions, so that he can design and individualise your 4 or 8 week course, according to YOUR Specific Situation.

We will start the 4 or 8 week course within 7 days of you answering our questions (know that your confidentiality is promised and guaranteed).

I can't wait to work with, teach and help you grow as a Digital Entrepreneur! 

Contact Geramie at Geramie@passivedropshipincome.com.au if you have any questions at all about this engagement, or any of our other Done For You Services.