1st Month Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Package

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) increases a websites ranking for specific terms and keywords on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP), on search sites like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

The goal of a successful SEO campaign is to have your website ranked in the 1st position for keywords that are frequently searched for, relating to your business. The result of this is that the website will increasingly receive free, organic traffic from people searching for keywords related to your business until another website takes over your spot.

Statistically, the first organic result is picked the most of any other result on the page and will receive the most traffic. There are exceptions to this, such as sites with lower rankings that use Schema Markup or Rich Snippets to "Pattern Interrupt" and get the attention of the viewer (something that we include in all of our SEO packages).

For local businesses, it is essential (from a visitor acquisition standpoint) to also be in the Google Maps “Map Pack” (the result which shows three businesses and a local map, for searches like “Best Thai Restaurants in Sydney”).

Some search terms are searched by people for thousands or millions of times a month, meaning that if you have a website which ranks highly for these these terms, you are getting exposure in those search results and your websites traffic will increase.

Imagine what you could you do with 1 million people visiting your website a month? 

This is the Power of SEO and what it can unlock for your Business.

By purchasing this service, PDI Marketing will perform the first month of our Search Engine Optimisation package for your website, which mostly involves on-page SEO and ensuring that everything is set up correctly before significant effort is expended on ranking your site, as well as the necessary in depth research that will propound the continuing SEO work on your website. 

Other Specialised SEO related work that we will complete in the first and following months of our engagement include:

  • Niche Keyword Research and Selection
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • Linking of Google Search Console
  • Creation and Linking of Sitemap XML
  • 3 x 1,000+ word Articles on Your Niche for the base price (contact us for custom quotes)
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Mobile Site Optimisation
  • Schema Markup
  • Image Alt Tag Optimisation
  • Anchor Text Optimisation
  • Competition Research
  • eCommerce Specific SEO
  • Inbound Link Building on Related and Relevant Websites
  • Various other On and Off Page SEO Tactics

Please note that certain niches have various difficulties to rank, so further monthly packages and a tailored SEO plan may be needed if you have a lot of competition.

Prior to purchasing our service you must also be aware that SEO is a longer-term game with results typically taking 1 to 3 months to become evident, once again depending on competition. 

Please contact us prior to ordering this to confirm details about your specific project.