Email Marketing Setup & Management

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Email Marketing is without a doubt one of the most cost effective and important facets of any business, now only coming second (in our opinion) to Facebook Chat Bots.

Once you have collected the email of a lead that is interested in your service, you can easily get in contact again and sell them on why they should buy your service or product.

Emails can also be sued to notify existing customers of promotions and any other important information that you need to get to them.

These days email marketing can be mostly automated with email marketing software "sequences". These sequences are different and change depending on what action the lead performs.

For example, when a lead signs up to your email list, they should receive a sequence that slowly warms them up into becoming a customer of your business. Once this lead has made a purchase, they are moved to a different sequence which promotes the sale of similar products that they would be interested in buying. Other sequences can be set up for Abandoned Carts or Customer Inactivity and Re-engagement. 

Our Email Marketing Setup and Management Service includes the setting up of Standard email lists and automated sequences in your chosen Email Marketing Software, as well as monitoring of its performance and adjustments according to analytical feedback for 3 months. Our service does not include manual responses to email enquiries submitted by your leads or customers.

Contact us for more details on our Email Marketing Setup and Management services should you have have any further questions.