Niche DropShipping Shopify + Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Creation Ultimate Package

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Introducing 1 Click Web and Sales Funnel Design - You Buy with a Click, We Make Your Dream Website and Sales Funnel.

If you are looking for a Website Design Agency that focuses on developing a web presence that converts traffic into paying customers, then look no further - when you engage PDI Marketing for your Web Development project, we ensure that all of our websites follow the best standards and practices for eCommerce generally, as well as your niche and industry, to give you the best possible conversion rate on your website.

Our Strategy Behind Your Dream eCommerce Website and Sales Funnel

The PDI Marketing Experts recommend and create eCommerce solutions for our clients that follow the method of introducing traffic to your business via a Sales Funnel, to maximise conversions and elevate your customer through your product and service Value Ladder which will increase your Average Order Value and Profit.

This marketing method was not invented by the PDI Marketing team, however we thoroughly propound it and can give you many sources of information about it. For those who have some marketing knowledge but are not sure about Sales Funnels, they assist in transitioning your Leads from Cold to Warm to Hot Leads.

We particularly love this strategy as it is easy, replicable and fool proof - you introduce traffic to your business and website with a free or great value offer to get their attention and trust for your business, then escalate their purchase amount by offering multiple, related and stackable deals that increase in dollar value, or decrease should your websites algorithm "smartly" determine that that particular customer is not going to spend more than your offers.

These additional deals and offers should be displayed both immediately after purchase (on checkout page) and also once their purchase has been completed and delivered, ensuring that you are extracting the most amount of income from your customers and maximising the profit that you can make.

A bonus to operating this way is that it increases your backend profit, meaning that if you are using PPC Ads, your cost to acquire a customer will go down substantially and allow you to spend more than your competitors to display an ad and get the click/customer.

Another bonus is that with current technology and software, the PDI Marketing Team can automate this entire process for you (excluding any high-ticket sales calls, however we can optimise and consult with you on this).

What You Receive When You Purchase Our Shopify and ClickFunnels Ultimate Package

Our Ultimate Website and Sales Funnel Package will see you leave our services happily with a Sales Funnel and complete Website set up using Clickfunnels, Shopify and various marketing integrations.

You will receive a turn key, beautifully designed, fully-functioning Shopify Website and Clickfunnels eCommerce Funnel that is set up to receive payments and automate the shipping and marketing process of your Dropshipping Business.

We create stores with either the customers input or completely inspired by our own observations and research into what is successfully selling. We can also provide you with a number of niche options to choose from, allowing you to choose one that you are truly interested in (see our guide on product niche selection in our Dropshipping Guide for the importance of this concept).

This website setup will easily allow you to funnel leads from your traffic sources into your Sales Funnel for high conversions, and then over to your larger and more established Shopify site once they are no longer a "cold lead".

This setup is perfect for those looking to Advertise their business via PPC or any other way where you get people to click on links to your site as it provides both a high converting "Sales Page" and the full website experience that many other successful companies are implementing into their Digital Marketing Strategies.

While this package includes complete customisation of your Sales Funnel & Website, as well as our guidance and explanation of how to edit your site to do everything you need, backend Clickfunnels code and Shopify liquid editing or other coding concepts or requirements which involve time-intensive work will not be provided or fully delved into and will require additional hour by hour quotes (contact me for 1 on 1 Mentoring to understand your wants, or the cost to develop your unique and custom ideas).

Contact us for any questions you have about our Ultimate Web Design Package and Services.